Hard Disk Image Backup Series

Easily creates hard disk image file making backup task so easy.

Easily Creates Hard Disk  Image File

Just press a key and Goblin can easily covert the hard disk file into an image file.

It backup these into a big hard disk to facilitate centralized management.

Restores Image File

Select the Image File to be restored, press ok and the work is completed. Quick Backup.

Hard Disk S.M.A.R. T Information

HDD Image file management

  • Power cycle
  • Power on hours
  • Reallocation Event Count
  • Offline Scan Uncorrectable Sector Count
  • Error Rate
  • Temperature

Rename Image File

Delete Image File

Displays Image File Info

Stores Image File, Supports Maximum Capacity 32 TB

Supports diverse O/S)

Light and Compact Design

Small size and light weight makes it easy to carry around.

Easy Operation

One key operation, Intuitive interface.

Goblin Image Backup

SATA Cable

Anti-shock  Pad

Power Adaptor

Power Supply

User Guide