MT Series High Speed Hard Disk Eraser

The ideal solution for bulk erasing

Wiping speed

MT series hard disk eraser performs the task at a maximum speed of 18GB per minute. The speed does not decelerate even with the increase in the number of hard disk.

Supports Various HDDs

Not limited by brand, model or capacity.




Cable design for convenient operation

Cable design not only reduces the cost for replacement of consumables but also supports various interface.

Multiple Erasure Modes

Various Erasing Option for customers with different level of security.

Erasure Log Report

The log report records in details the information and result of each hard disk erased . It totally eliminates  the need to copy manually  saving time and possibilities of human error.

Connect with computer to display the real time erasing status

View the latest erasing status through a software and store the record on the computer.

The Most Suitable Model Available to meet  your requirement


Erases 8 HDDs


Erases 16 HDDs


Erases 26 HDDs

LCD Display, real time status of work in progress.

Individual light indicator.

Export Log Report via USB Drive.

MT-H series hard disk eraser

SATA Cable

Power supply

User Guide