TP400-I Evidence Supported Hard Disk Eraser

Triple Certified Erasure Protection ensures the highest level data security during the course of hard disk destruction and replacement. It can erase 4 hard disk at the same time highly increasing the efficiency thereby.

Securely Erases HDD

When a hard disk has to be disposed of , TP400-I Evidence Based hard disk eraser can be used  to wipe off the data thoroughly and stores record of erasure  as evidence for audit/verification purpose. This makes the recycling and/or scrapping of hard disk more easy.

Wiping speed

TP400-I Evidence based hard disk eraser performs the task at a maximum speed of  7.2GB per minute. The speed does not decelerate even with the increase in the number of hard disk.

Triple Certified Erasure Protection

TP400-I Evidence Supported hard disk eraser is equipped with triple  certified erasure protection ensuring highest level data security during the course of hard disk destruction and replacement.

The process complies with ISO27001 and 27002 requirements.

Immediate Printout

TP400-I can be connected with a printer for printing of Proof of Erasure.

Exports Log Report Via USB Drive

TP400-I can store 30,000 erasure records. These can be exported via USB drive.

Erasure Log Report

The log report records in details the information and result of each hard disk erased.

Invisible Proof Mark

TP400-I would leave a unique mark on the erased hdd  that would show the following :

> Whether the hdd was erased using the eraser.

> Which erasing option was used to erase the hdd.

> Was the hdd used again on the computer after erasure.

Light and portable design

Compact size , easy portability.

Easy operation

 Single key operation, simple interface.

Single equipment operation, plug and use

No need of PC and software, saves a lot of time .

Multiple Erasure Modes

Various Erasing Option for customers with different level of security.

Supports Various HDDs

Not limited by brand, model or capacity.



3.5" IDE HDD


Highly Efficient Seamless Erasing Technology

Simply press the Fast Key to erase the next hdd without having to wait till all the other hdd had been completed increasing the efficiency thereby.

TP400-I HDD/SSD Eraser

SATA Cable

Anti-shock  Pad

Power Adapter

Power Supply

User Guide


Specifically designed protective case for portability and easy management.

Printer for instantaneous printout of Proof of Erasure.