Complete HDD Destruction Solution
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3 Robust Hard Disk Destruction Solution

What would you do when you have to erased the HDD that should be scrapped or reused? You need a solution that would ensure the integrity of the data . No matter which solution you choose, it should completely wiped off the data. You may choose the destruction method that meets the data safety protocol to the best.

HDD Eraser

HDD Degausser

HDD Destroyer

Hard Disk Eraser

When the hard disk has to be scrapped or replaced,, TP series hard disk eraser can thoroughly wiped off the data making

them irretrievable. The hard disk  then can be donated or reused.  Besides having multiple erasure modes, it also provides triple

protection to your erasure processes

Hard Disk Degausser

Professional hard disk degausser instantaneously releases strong magnetic force to neutralize the magnetic data making it unable to use.

Physical Destruction

Strong destructive force physically destroys the platter and wiped off the data contained therein making it totally unusable.