Evidence based Erasure

When HDD have to be scrapped, evidence of erasure provides the most serious guideline and complete record of your scrapping  process.

3 Complete Hard Disk Destruction Solution

1st Protection – Real time printout of Certificate of Erasure

After wiping each HDD,  the eraser can immediately printout a  Certificate of Erasure. It records the serial no of the HDD, model no, erasure mode, start time and time completed, etc.

2nd Protection -Record of Erasure

Record in details each task executed and the results. It can also be exported to a usb drive.

3rd Protection – Unique Invisible Proof Mark

Each HDD erased would have an  Invisible Proof Mark which can be used to verify the following :

(1) Whether the data contained therein had been erased ?

(2) Erasure mode used.

(3) Whether it had been tempered with after erasure ?